7 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

You don’t want water falling from your ceiling while you are relaxing at home. Roof leaks can cause serious damage to your home, including water damage to your floors and furniture as well as mold growth, rot, and mildew. It is important to address roof leaks quickly. Here are some common roof leaks and the areas they most often occur.

Common Roof Leaks Causes

  1. Broken Shingles – Heavy storms or high winds can cause roof tiles to come off and allow water to seep beneath. Because shingles are on the roof’s outer layer, these leaks are easy to spot. You can spot a different-colored patch on the roof than the rest. This could indicate that a shingle is missing or damaged and needs to be replaced.
  2. Cracks in a chimney – In harsh weather conditions, the mortar of the chimney may erode. Cracks and wear can often be seen around the mortar or mud cap, which is located at the top of the chimney. You should also look for cracks near mortar joints and loose shingles around chimneys where water can enter.
  3. Gutters that are blocked – Gutters allow water to move away from the roof. If the gutters become blocked, water will not move and can build up on the roof. These water pools can cause roof damage, such as cracks and sag. Your gutters should be cleared if you see little to no water coming out of them after or during rainfall.
  4. Improperly sealed Valleys – These are the areas where two flat roof surfaces meet. Water can seep into the valley from water running down it over time. You should look out for wet spots on your roof seams. This is a sign that the valleys are damaged and must be sealed to prevent roof leaks.
  5. Cracked Vents – Roof vents are small pipes that extend from the roof. They are used to remove excess moisture from your home’s interior. These leaks can look like dark spots on your roof and cause damage to the flashing or even the roof itself.
  6. Leaky roofs – This type of roof leak can be caused by either decayed insulation or an incorrectly fitted or measured skylight. Another easy leak to spot is the wet spots around the skylight. You will likely need to put a bucket there if the water is dripping.
  7. Cracks within the flashing – Flashings are thin metal pieces placed underneath the shingles and at the joints of your roof in order to prevent it from leaking. Wind and rain damage, erosion, or time-related wear can cause cracks in the flashing.

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