How to protect your outdoor lighting from the elements

Outdoor lighting can bring warmth and functionality to your outdoor space. There are many options available, from ambient mood lighting to task lighting, to more productive task lighting. Protecting your property from damage by the elements is something you should be aware of when choosing and installing lighting.

Are you unsure how to protect outdoor lighting from weather and insects? Here are some practical tips that you can keep in your mind.

Protecting your lighting from bugs

Insects are attracted to outdoor lighting fixtures that provide warmth. You’ll see insects and flies buzzing around outdoor lighting fixtures after dark falls. This can put a damper on your outdoor gathering and can also make your fixtures more susceptible to damage.

This problem can be minimized by using LED lights to illuminate your property. This type of lighting emits less heat which makes your fixtures less appealing to insects. You can make your property more bird-friendly to help repel insects. Birds are natural enemies of insects. To encourage birds to visit your property, you can set up bird feeders and add a water source, such as a fountain, stream, or birdbath.

Installing Light Shields To Protect

You can also install light shields to make a barrier between outdoor elements and your lighting fixtures. Light shields, which are boxes that cover fixtures and can be used to redirect sunlight in a specific direction, are essentially light shields. Light shields can be used to protect expensive outdoor fixtures and can even be used to reduce the brightness of lights.

Make sure you know the dimensions of the fixtures before shopping for light shields. This will allow you to choose the right size. Also, make sure the light shields are suitable for outdoor use.

Location, Location, and Location

This is the most important tip you should remember if you haven’t yet installed outdoor lighting. When designing outdoor lighting, make sure you consider the long-term protection and strategic placement of the lighting.

Your outdoor lighting components should be placed where they will be protected from the elements, but still, allow enough space to transform your outdoor space using the right kind of light. To protect your lights from moisture, you can place them under overhangs. To keep your porch lights hidden and protected, you can enclose them in a recessed design. Street lights on commercial properties should not be placed near trees that might get blown over by heavy winds.

How do you ensure your outdoor lighting is strategically placed? Hire a team of professionals who specialize in landscape/outdoor lighting. They will be able to provide all the information you need to maintain your property’s illumination while also protecting every fixture.

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