Factors to Consider When Choosing an Adjustable Pedestal Gray Coupler

When choosing an adjustable pedestal gray coupler, there are several essential aspects to consider. These factors include dimensions, application, and bracing. Understanding these factors will help you choose the perfect coupler for your needs. Also, be sure to check the Warranty information before purchasing.


The adjustable pedestal gray coupler components are a set of 7 standard components that fit together to create a complete system. Each component is made from a 4.215″ diameter SDR-35 PVC sewer pipe and can be cut to the desired height with a 12″ chop saw. The uni-base fits snugly on the uni-collar, while the uni-insert extends outward from the pedestal to allow fine height adjustment. Finally, the uni-cap is a locking device that keeps the pedestal securely.

The Adjustable Pedestal Premium is an adjustable pedestal system with a weight capacity of 1250 pounds. It features built-in slope compensation, which allows for proper drainage and assures a straight deck. It comes with a quick-clip coupler that makes installation fast and easy.

The Bison Base Plate is made from galvanized steel with a 37.2 percent post-consumer recycled content and a total scrap steel content of 55.2 percent. It adds 3/16″ to the height of the pedestal and provides a base bearing surface for the installation of joists. The Bison bracing components are made of mineral-filled polypropylene.


An adjustable pedestal gray coupler is used to install or raise a pedestal. It is available in various heights and has an integral safety level release button for safety and ease of use. It is used to install electrical and water utilities. Its low height allows it to be installed on a slope or a low-level surface.

Adjustable pedestals are available with a wide range of accessories to meet the needs of different projects. Some are designed for varying slopes, while others are flat. Depending on the application, an adjustable pedestal can accommodate variations from 0% to two inches per foot. Other accessories include the BC-PH5 slope corrector, which corrects level variations by up to 5%.

Bracing Required

To properly install an adjustable pedestal, it is essential to consider the height of your floor. Most pedestals come with 24-inch spacing, but if you need a higher or lower height, you will need to use bracing. Bracing will help keep your floor stable, especially in cases where your floor is sloped.

You can choose from several different options for support. The basic bracing system consists of a base plate that adds 3/16 inches in height. This plate also acts as a base-bearing surface for the joists. The base plate and the BB-PEGS that make up the brackets are made from mineral-filled polypropylene.

The adjustable pedestals from DD Pedestals allow you to support joists underneath the deck of boards. These joists can be wooden or composite. The spacing between joists will vary based on their strength and thickness. Most standard joists are five centimeters high. For this reason, the space between joists and adjustable pedestals is generally forty to fifty centimeters.


The adjustable pedestal is a versatile furnishing tool used in various applications. It is operated on a lifting jack principle. It is designed to raise products above ground level and is perfect for stone and timber decks. It has four adjustable feet and four extension rings that allow it to be adjusted to the height required for different applications.

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